Safety Portal will ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory standards

Safety Portal has been designed to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations and will support and underpin your business duties for Health and Safety.

Safety Portal ensures legislative compliance

The modules, content and actions contained in Safety Portal, when followed correctly, will ensure compliance with not only statutorily obligated requirements but will also ensure you are fully able to evidence and disclose your safety compliance standards should you be inspected, and furthermore you will be able to show all due diligence has been afforded in the unfortunate event of an accident investigation or insurance claim.

Simple "Self Check" guidance throughout


As you work through the Safety Portal system for the first time, or when periodically reviewing the system, you can quickly and easily benchmark your performance for each section by using the "DO I COMPLY" ready checker.

A very simple visual prompt will ask the simple key questions needed to confirm compliance with the specific task area you are working on. DO I COMPLY questions can be reviewed separately via each section page of the system, or you can review the entire question set via a printed PDF version. This can be used as a benchmark and training aid for new users of the system.

The questions will help put your mind at rest, certain in the k knowledge that all your safety compliance requirements have been actioned.