Safety Portal System Options

Depending on the size, nature and structure of your business there will be a system option for you

System Components


Web hosted safety management system

HSG 65 & BS8800 compliant

Fully bespoke Health & Safety policies, fire policies and asbestos management planning

Fully drafted and compliant safety arrangements

Fully drafted and compliant safety responsibilities

Fully drafted and bespoke risk assessments drawn up for all locations including ah-hoc and specialized risks

Emergency plans

Employee welfare compliance checklist

First Aid arrangements guidance and risk assessment

Full fire risk management compliance section including training and planning

Health and Safety Committee Guidance

Legislation updates

System and documentation updates

Accident reporting module

Hazard reporting module

Crime reporting module

Accident investigation guidance

New employee checklist

New location checklist

Audit checklists

Appointed competent safety advisor

Whsitleblowing confidential help reporting

Full training suite

Managed safety and compliance audits

Location specific document retrieval