About the Safety Portal Cloud Based Safety Management System

Safety Portal will help to manage your company wide safety compliance seamlessly across the cloud.

Cloud Based Management

Safety Portal is a fully hosted, cloud based, workplace Health and Safety management system. Making full use of cloud server technology, you can manage your safety compliance, securely from any location.

The technology deployed assures continuance of service and ease of use, and the content has been specifically drafted for retail businesses giving you the best possible solution to manage your safety compliance duties in the most cost efective and simple way.


Multiple System Platform

The system has been specifically designed to run fully and seamlessly across multiple operating system platforms be they desktop computer, laptop, Ipad or other mobile computing devise, offering you the most flexible approach and ease of use.

You and your employees can access the Safety Portal from any computer or mobile computing device from any location in the world, giving you a freedom and ease of use unsurpassed in other safety management systems.

Cost Effective

Safety Portal has evolved with one mission in mind.

"To simplify the route to safety compliance, minimising the knowledge and effort required, whilst ensuring the best possible value"

The system will efficiently manage your safety duties which depending on the system purchased could cost you less than the price of a daily cup of coffee per location.