Ensuring Your Data is Secure

Maintaining the integrity of your data held within the Safety Portal system is of paramount importance to us, that's why we have deployed some of the best high end data base security protection available.


Key Security Components

1. Unique URL directory password protection

2. SSL Encryption

3. Independent database retrieval protection

4. Data continuity assurance and archive

Unique URL Password Protection

All Safety Portal users have the option to password protect their unique safety portal.co URL directories. Should clients wish, access from unknown IP addresses will be blocked and require password authentication, giving you the peace of mind that your site is protected.

SSL - Secure Socket Layer Encryption

Safety Portal data is fully protected via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption giving you the peace of mind that your data is secure. SSL encryption is a protocol developed for transmitting private information via the internet and works through a cryptographic system that secures a connection between a Safety Portal user and severs that contain your data. This is a common security protocol used by many banking establishments and is supported by all modern browsers.

Independent Database Protection

Irrespective as to whether or not your safety portal.co URL directories are protected, all database retrieval actions will require an independent password in order to access records relating to your companies accidents, audits, risk assessment actions and training records. All such databases are protected to the heights standards of internet database security protocols, leaving you sure that your data is secure and protected.

Data Continuity Assurance and Archives

Data associated with your Safety Portal account is retained for as long as you remain a Safety Portal account user.

In addition to standard server backup protocols we undertake an independent archive of your submitted form data in CSV spreadsheet format each month, and these archives are held in a secure data vault which you can access should you need. This leaves a maximum data redunacacy for independent archives of 31 days, well within any standards required. Furthermore all archived CSV spreadsheet data will be surrendered to Safety Portal clients in the event of service termination, assuring you that your data remains yours.