Safety Portal Overview and System Sections

Safety Portal is based around the methodology and standards of both BS 8800 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and HSE guidance document HSG65 - Successful Health and Safety Management.

The system will quickly and easily guide you through your safety compliance requirements in the shortest possible time, and with minimal effort, leaving you to concentrate on your business needs, safe in the knowledge your statutory obligations are met. All this even though you may have little formal safety law knowledge, after all you do have a day job. A quick overview of each element is detailed below.


Initial Audit

Benchmarking your business, assessing shortfalls and prioritizing action planning


Producing business safety policies, arrangements and responsibilities


Specific duties & responsibilities, arrangements, competent advise and whistle blowing

Planning & Implementing

Detailed risk assessments, safety plans, emergency planning, fire risk management and training


Accident, hazard and crime reporting, investigations and insurance management

Audit & Review

Auditing of safety compliance, responsibilities and management actions and organising health and safety consultation with employees.